Science is our basis.

DLBS believes that the best quality of product comes through scientific discoveries with a good planning design from the very beginning until the end: from the early stages of scientific ideas towards the end of clinical trials.

During the development stage, we study promising new active substances from chemistry to biological at the molecular level via a process called TCEBS (Tandem Chemistry Expression Bioassay System). TCEBS represents a systematic screening methodology to find the most active and potent candidates for our products, followed by bioassay system that utilizes gene expression and protein array techniques.

DLBS prides itself in developing only substances which provide a good level of confidence in safety and mechanism of action. In this development, we make use of biomolecular sciences in addition to phytochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, nanotechnological, veterinary and clinical sciences. All these disciplines come together to achieve our goal – improving quality of life through new discovery and nutritional development.