The world is developing and growing faster than ever before. New diseases have been found to spread among humans. Mutations and resistances have become big issues that underlie the development of various new diseases. New drugs will have to be invented to fight these issues and treat these diseases. New nutraceuticals will have to be developed to increase overall health and prevent diseases.

Dexa Medica, one of the largest Indonesian pharmaceutical companies, was established in 1969 and enjoys the goodreputation of being a well known player in the pharmaceutical development. Millions of patients have reaped the benefitsof Dexa Medica’s products. The fruits of Dexa Formulation by its R&D department have been multiple in its variety, ranging from sustained-release pellets, matrix tablets to fast-mouth dissolving tablets.

Wishing to develop its research involvement, Dexa Medica created Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences (DLBS) in 2005. Two years later, it started occupying the present facility and being active in drug discovery and nutraceutical research.

At DLBS, we use the sources of living organisms such as plants, animals, and microbes to enhance the life of human beings.
This is where our philosophy comes from – LIFE FOR LIFE….