Dexa Medica, one of the most reputable national pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia is once again showing its commitment in researching and producing modern processed original Indonesian herbal medicine. These products are the results of the research conducted by Dexa Laboratories of Biomolecular Sciences (DLBS). With modern technology research, herbal medicine proves to be evidence based.

A short time ago, HerbaVOMITZ - which helps to relieve bloating, nausea, and vomiting, was launched and now Dexa Medica has launched herbal medicine HerbaKOF - which helps to relieve cough and relieve throat irritation.

HerbaKOF is a modern herbal medicine produced from natural herbs, namely Legundi leaves, Ginger, Saga leaves and Mahkota Dewa fruit extract processed through modern technology, 'Advanced Fractionation Technology (AFT)' to produce active substance Reconyl™. AFT is a technology to gain the content of specific fractions which has biological activities to relieve cough and clear the throat.

HerbaKOF has been through toxicology tests, preclinical tests and efficacy tests so that it is a safe and effective way to relieve cough and relieve throat irritation. HerbaKOF's excellence is that it works fast, is safe and processed through modern technology. HerbaKOF is safe to be consumed by anyone, including breastfeeding mothers and children above 6 years old. HerbaKOF dosage for adults is: 15 ml three times daily and for children above 6 years old, 5 ml three times daily.

HerbaKOF and HerbaVOMITZ presence in the Indonesian market is an initial step from a range of modern herbal medicinal products that is own researched and its raw material and dossage produced by PT Dexa Medica. These herbal medicinal products are expected to meet the needs of families in Indonesia. In a short time, these herbal products will be marketed through out Indonesia.

Other featured herbal medicines which have been marketed by Dexa Medica include Stimuno Syrup, Stimuno Forte, Vitafem Free Me, Vitafem Multivitamin, Toxilite, and Lytacur. Other products from DLBS research include DISOLF (improving blood circulation) and INLACIN (to treat diabetes).

HerbaKOF is available in pharmacies, drugstores, supermarket, and minimarket through out Indonesia. More information about HerbaKOF can be found on Twitter: @HerbaForFamily,, and website: #GaUsahKhawatir