DLBS participated in Indonesian Halal Expo (INDHEX) on 5th – 8th July 2012 in SMESCO Building Jakarta. The event was organized by *LPPOM MUI and it was aimed to promote halal products. There were more than 150 participants joining the event and they mostly come from food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

During the exhibition, DLBS had an opportunity to demonstrate its products that has acquired Certification of Halal with A (good) assessment, namely DLBS3233 (Inlacin), DLBS1033 (Disolf), DLBS1425 (Phalecarps), and DLBS1442 (Vitafem Free Me). DLBS herbal products were developed and manufactured through a process that already has had the halal assurance system. The enthusiasm of the visitors was shown during the exhibition, when they see drugs developed from natural sources but have obtained halal certification, which is still rare in pharmaceutical industry. Through this event, DLBS also supported LPPOM MUI efforts to increase public awareness of halal products.

The event was held for four days, and it covers not only exhibitio, but also seminars and workshop as well as various halal competitions.

*LPPOM MUI is an institution of the Indonesian Ulema Council dedicated to review and certify halal products for food, drugs and cosmetics